To follow company’s Mission to enhance Safety, Efficiency and control over expenditure the. “100% compliance of HSSE rules” will be strictly followed as per under mentioned categories and Plan, Policy and Procedures. 

 Strategy  components.

Shawal & Co is dedicated to the transportation of Oil & Gas sectors of leading oil marketing companies. We give preferences to the haulage companies in the market to have competitors by:

Ø Reliably supplying with quality transportation services.

Ø  Providing services that is superior to our competitors.

   1- Recruitment & selection of competent drivers and staff as per procedures & standards

2-    Compliance of mandatory and overall training

3-    Business  plan  for  the year - historical cost data and  financial  forecast

4-    Development  of  vision  for  the  business

5-    Formulation and Implementation of policies.

6-    Enforcement of OMC,s standards.

7-    RTS Legal requirements and vehicles standard.

8-    Proactive HSSE Management System.

9-    Proactive repair and maintenance system.

10-Monitoring in auditing feed back system

    11- Appraisal and incentive system.

12- Emergency  response  and  crisis  management

13- Accident investigation and analysis.

14-Customer satisfaction as per agreed services criteria.

Chief Executive Officer

  Shawal & Co