M/s Shawal & Company was established in 1993 purposing to provide best services in the field of fuel sales network with quality & quantity level + adding restaurant for quality services of healthy foods as well.

Shawal & Co have its own network of petroleum services in across the country ,purposing to facilitate their own fleet in re-fuelling as well road user also.Till up to date we have given below sites & more constructions are under pipeline.

  1. M/s Shawal filling station (caltex) inaugurated in Multan city.
  2. M/s Waziristan filling station Rajan Pur (Shell) was opened in 1999.
  3. M/s waziristan filling station (Total Parco) opend on 22th feb 2003 at Bahawalpur.
  4. M/s Naseem filling station (byco) opened in Jan-2013 at Sadiq abad main highway.
  5. M/s New Naseem filling station (Total Parco) opened in Aug-2008 at Sadiq abad.
  6. M/s Grand Naseem Filling station (Total Parco ) in November 2013 at Mattyari by pass Hyder abad.

Our this mile stone journey for unknown & unlimited “stop” is continuing & we will achieve tremendous awards in the fuel supply chain network & at sales services point as well (INSHA ALLAH).


The Management of M/s Shawal & Co decided to provide logistics & transportation services to the Oil Marketing companies as well. In this regard an agreement of transportation services signed between M/s Total Parco & M/s Shawal & Co in 2007 with 04 tank Lorries operation.

Fleet increased day by day & earned a trusted name in the field of supply chain network .existing quantity of the fleet operational are 47.